Saving the planet one clean at a time

Author: Fine Shining
Posted: 11 August of 2020

I think most people want to do their part when it comes to the environment and the billions of creatures that inhabit it but, where do you start? Well duh… recycle I hear you say! But, is that enough? Can you honestly say that you sort out EVERY single piece of rubbish and know exactly what can and can’t be recycled? Recent news has exposed the millions of so called coffee cups that were “recyclable” but in reality were not due to the plastic liner.

You have probably seen the reports of plastic waste decimating the oceans, wildlife and fauna and like most people it makes me feel sad and wonder how has this been left to happen for so long?

The more I learn about the damage that is being done the more and want to do something about it…. This has led us on a journey to find cleaning products that are Environmentally safe, recyclable, vegan friendly, and not tested on animals. As a professional Cleaning company it is also a must that they are effective cleaning products and that they smell nice!

We will be field testing a range of different cleaning products that are available on the market and will let you know which ones get the Fine Shining seal of approval.