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Our Vintage Sewing Pattern collection is an ECLECTIC RANGE from the 1930s-to-1970s of wonderful out of print VINTAGE SEWING PATTERNS (reproduced). I have a vast collection of 'Original Vintage Sewing Patterns' which I have collected over many years and they are very precious to me, so I decided to have copies professionally made to a very high standard by a reputable printing company here in the UK. Everyone can now now have copies of these stunning Vintage Sewing Patterns.

Each pattern is a 'Professional Digitally Reproduced' copy of a sewing pattern (copied from the original sewing pattern), produced in 'Full Scale Pattern Pieces' ready to cut with full instructions included. These sewing patterns are reproduced to a high quality, high standard, on 50 gram paper with black ink. This will ensure a much longer lasting effect and easier to be used again and again.

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